Hi there, here is my list with live recording, demo's and (cdr's of) bootlegs I have for trade! If there is anything you don't have and you have something I don't have yet you would like to trade then just email me!
live recordings

Marquee 1977-cdr

Salisbury Tech September 22nd 1978-cassette (will be converting to cdr)

Milan X-Cineteatro October 16th 1978-cdr

Rome Titan club October 20th 1978-cdr

Roundhouse 1978-cdr

Marquee January 12th 1978-cassette (will be converting to cdr)

Newport Stowaway January 28th (31st?) 1979-cassette (will be converting to cdr)

Chancellor Hall-Chelmsford February 4th 1979-cdr

High Wycombe town hall 12th February 1979-cdr

Live martys Chester February 19th 1979-cdr

Retford Porterhouse July 13th 1979-cassette (will be converting to cdr)

Clouds discoteque Edinburgh July 20th 1979-cdr

Electric Ballroom May 22nd 1980-cdr

ants invasion tour uk manchester poly May 24th 1980-cdr

ants invasion uk tour valentinos edinburgh June 1st 1980-cdr

Huddersfield UK June 6th 1980-cdr

London Empire Ballroom June 8th 1980-cdr

Lyceum November 23rd 1980-cdr

Lewisham town hall November 29th 1980-cdr

Invasion of the Ants-LA 1980-cdr

stand & deliver uk tour dominion theatre March 28th 1981-cdr

Ritz Ballroom Creative Artistry "Embryo" "Tiki Gods" April 8th 1981-cdr

Bologna May 25th 1981-cdr

Barcalona May 28th 1981-2cdr/ cassette

St. Austell the Coliseum June 10th 1981-cassette

frontiers world tour dr pepper pier 84 USA September 8th 1981-cdr

Live in Tokyo-audio rip October 8th 1981-cdr artwork

prince charming revue dury lane December 18th 1981-cdr

Brighton PCR December 29th/ 30th? 1981-2cdr

London Astoria October 1st 1982-cdr

Capitol theatre, November 20th 1982-cassette

Boston Orpheum February 6th 1983-2cdr/ cassette

Milwaukee WIS, Eagles Ballroom April 29th 1983-cassette

strip tour miami January 31st 1984-cdr

Aragon Balloom Chicago March 17th 1984-cdr/ cassette

Rock of the 80ísí USA April 24th 1984/ part of live in Tokyo October 8th 1981 vcd-cdr

Manchester Apollo September 27th 1985-2cdr+cassette (diff. source)

LA Greek Theatre October 18th 1985-cdr

kroq christmas acoustic/homeless LA December 16th 1992-cdr

KROQ December 26th 1992-cdr

live burbank ( rehearsal for persuasion tour ) 1993-cdr

Henry Fonda Theatre LA March 1st 1993-2cdr/ cassette (different source), MP3's,artwork

San Juan Capistrano, The Coach house February 26th 1993-2cdr

Live met Nine Inch Nails, January 5th and 6th 1995-cdr

Stoke on Trent, The Wheatsheaf March 14th 1995-2cdr, artwork

Middlesbrough March 20th 1995-2cdr

Shepherds Bush Empire March 22nd 1995-2cdr/ cassette

Shepherds Bush Empire March 23rd 1995-cdr

Shepherds Bush Empire March 24th 1995-2cdr, artwork

Palo Alto, CA, The Edge April 17th 1995-2cdr, artwork

Los Angeles ca Pantages Theatre April 21st 1995-cassette

Demo's and bootlegs

In Bondage-cd, artwork

The Wonderful Demo's-cdr

Antmusic for sexpeople-cdr

A.N.T.S. Crazy Diamond bootleg-cassette (will be converting to cdr)

Madam Stan-cdr

Persuasion-cdr MP3's, artwork

Carty Mixes 1-cdr MP3's, artwork

Carty mixes 2-cdr (my version is not complete), MP3's, artwork

Home Demos 1977-cdr

BBC and homerecording-cassette (will be converting to cdr)

Who taught you to...!!! Vol 1-cdr

Who taught you to...!!! Vol 2-cdr


Antcovers 2-cdr

VCD van Antvideo 2cd

B side Babies 2

Adam-ant.net mix 2003

Non Ant trades:

Evisceration-Victim of his Frustration/ Eclipse demo's on one cdr.

Gutwrench-Wither without you/ Beneath Skin Demo's on one cdr.

If you see something you like but don't have anything to trade just email me!, I am sure we can work something out! :)