27-11-2008: A new release of Adam Ant is now in Pre-order. It will be a live cd recorded in September 2007 at the Bloomsbury theatre in London. Release date is 12th December 2008. The setlist is as follows:
1 A Girl Named Bill (spoken word)
2 Young Parisians
3 Never Trust A Man (with egg on his face)
4 Cleopatra
5 Boxing Clever (spoken word)
6 Catch a Falling Star
7 Cartrouble
8 Stand and Deliver
9 Early Mornings Gene Vincent (spoken word)
10 Goody Two Shoes
11 Never Trust A Man (with egg on his face) Encore

For more info see the newspage.
06/10/2008: Adam Ant has recieved the Q magazine Icon Award 2008 today. Previous winners were Jimmy Page, Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney and U2.
10/09/2008: A free copy of the Adam and the Ants cd Prince Charming is being given away with the Daily Mail of 10th September 2008.
07/07/2008: Adam Ant is featured on the new Boz Boorer cd entitled Miss Pearl. The track is called Jungle Rock, originally recorded for the Save the Gorilla release that was cancelled in 2003.
20/5/2008: Adam Ant was planning on releasing a limited edition of an Ant Art Book. Unfortunately due to not enough interest this was cancelled.
29/11/07: Gold DJ David Jensen talked recently to Adam Ant and now you can own the interview as a free downloadable podcast. Simply download it to your PC and enjoy it on your MP3 player time and time again or listen to the audio stream on the website. Go to for more info. Also, on Sunday December 2 - Adam Ant runs down the chart of May 1981 when 'Stand And Deliver' topped the UK charts. Go to
30/09/07: On September 24th 2007 Adam Ant performed in the Bloomsbury theatre in London, reading from his autobiography and singing acoustic songs with Dave Pash on guitar. It was his first public performance since the booksignings 12 months earlier.
Songs that were played:
Young Parisians
Never Trust a Man (With Egg on his Face)
Catch a Falling Star (Perry Como cover)
Softly As I leave you (Matt Monroe cover)
Dog Eat Dog
Stand and Deliver
Desperate but Not Serious
Vive Le Rock
Goody Two Shoes- first encore
Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)- second encore, not prepared so a repeated song, audiance standing and singing along.

Fans outside the Bloomsbury theatre, September 24th 2007 Adam Ant at the Bloomsbury theatre, September 24th 2007 Dave Pash on guitar at the Bloomsbury theatre, September 24th 2007

04/08/07: On the 24th of September this year Adam Ant will be reading parts of his book and play some accoustic songs at the Bloomsbury in London to promote the upcoming paperback version of the autobiograpy. The evening has sold out.
04/08/07: On July 7th 2007 an Antfest was held in Birmingham with several Ant tribute Bands.
28/12/06: The year 2006 was a great year for the Ant, the Biography coming out, the first official Ant dvd and a new compilation cd. You can read all about it at Cartrouble's site or
05/08/04: Three remastered cds with bonus tracks are out of Dirk Wears White Socks, Kings of the Wild Frontier and Prince Charming. There will be a DVD out later this year.
20/02/04: Two copies of the Save the Gorillas single have survived destruction. The single was recorded by the NV label last autumn as a charity release for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Boz Boorer and his colleague, Steve Hooker, were allowed to keep one copy each, and Steve Hooker sold his copy on an auction in December last year. the profit was donated to the Dian Fossey Highland Gorilla Fund.

The short film Antmusak, about the Ants going shopping is now available for viewing online here!

Marco Pirroni plays guitar on the "Queens of Noize" first single "Indie Boys(Don't Deserve it)" that should be available since January the 26th.

28/11/03: The Dian Fossey Gorilla fund were trying to release the newly recorded song "Save the Gorillas" as a single, together with 4 other monkey related covers. This release was however stopped by record company EMI and Marco Pirroni.
25/09/03: After another incident with the police near his house in London Adam Ant was committed to hospital again! He could be kept there for 6 months this time! :'(
21/09/03: Adam Ant did not show up for the Gorilla run today, I hope he is well! :(
05/09/03: Adam Ant has recorded a new single with Kevin Mooney and his band, the Lavendar Pill Mob. The song, Chicken Outlaw, will eventually be released on Kevin's record label: Le coq musique. Read more about it on the newspage.

Adam and Boz Boorer have recorded a remake of the single "Stand and Deliver" with changed lyrics and a new title, "Save the Gorillas". This was done to aid the Dian Fossey Highland Gorilla Fund. A sample of it can be downloaded here!
Adam will also be participating in the Great Gorilla Run on September 21st. Read more about it on the newspage.

Adam also hopes to play some gigs around London, the first planned gig at the 100 club in London on 25th of September has been cancelled! Read more about that here! Also Adam has written a lot of songs for a new album that will be called "Fist in the skull". Nothing is recorded for that yet, but the plans are that it will be released in 2004! Read more about it on the newspage.

The documentary about Adam was a big success with over 3.69 million viewers.

6/07/03: The one hour documentary about Adam Ant by English TV station Channel 4 will be broadcasted on Thursday 17th July, at 21:00, it will be about his music and his constant battle with depression.
The documentary was made with the full cooperation of Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni.
Info on the documentary and the trailer for it can be found HERE!
18/06/03:Closer to the truth?

Acording to the Daily Mail of June 16 it happened a little different than what was mentioned in the Sun:

(next part is from a post on Antrap, posted by Sally, used with her permission, thanks for that!) It explains more what happened that day, and according to this journalist it wasn,t so much a case of Adam ranting and a raving like the sun would lead us to believe. I will type out a teeny bit of it: To workers in the cafe who know him, Adam Ant's behaviour was truly upsetting. 'He is a regular here and usually he's very quiet and just sits by himself' said Marlena Reeves. 'But he arrived at 8am, and sdtarted talking to all the customers. We never had a problem with him before. He was very confused and wasn,t making much sense. He said he was trying to arrange a pop concert to raise money for children. I could see he was upset and he kept trying to hug me and he was agitated. I offered to take him home and he said ok but then went downstairs, and we found him there alseep"

Without typing it all out it says that Adams mum was called as she frequents the cafe to and she called Adams doctors who phoned the police. He was "gently coaxed out of the basement" and thats where he had taken his trousers off - not in front of an audience as we were led to believe by the scum.

12/06/03: Unfortunately Adam Ant is ill again! ),:

According to the Sun he was involved in a disturbance last Tuesday. Yesterday he was arrested at a cafe after he had smashed some neighbour's windows with stones and stripped in the nearby Curly Dog cafe. He was arrested for criminal damage and taken away with a blanket wrapped round his waist.

Adam has been sectioned for 28 days pending a psychiatric report. He is due in court somewhere in July

23/05/03: Antlib will be in existence for 5 years this year, so there will be a Birthday party to celebrate: on SATURDAY 18TH OCTOBER 2003 at the Islington Bar, London N1. Read more about it here!

Ant Lib founder MADAM STAN launches her own New Wave / Alternative 80s club night - THE VOID - at the same London venue on SATURDAY 31ST MAY 2003. You can read more about it here!

16/05/03: The English TV station Channel 4 will be broadcasting a one hour documentary about Adam Ant, his music and his constant battle with depression somewhere in the end of May/ beginning of June 2003. The documentary was made with the full cooperation of Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni. The title will be: The Adam Ant story.
13/12/2002: Marco Pirroni has started a new record label with the name 'Only Lovers Left Alive', The website for the label is designed by webguru Andrew Wade. You can read more about it here!
You can send demos of up-and-coming new bands/musicians to: Only Lovers left alive, PO box 43311, London N5 IWL UK.
02/10/2002: Today wast the sentancing day of Adam's trial. Adam has been placed under a 12 month community rehabilitation order for threatening drinkers at a pub.

He was also ordered to pay 500 compensation to an injured pub musician.
Read all about it here.

19/08/2002: Last tuesday Adam admitted threatening pub costomers because they made fun of his "Cowboy" clothes. The other charges were dropped . Adam will be remanded on bail until October 2 when the sentence will be read.
Read all about it at the news page of the Ant Liberation Front.
29/07/2002: Last friday another hearing took place with Adam attending under his real name Stuart Goddard. The final date for the trial is still not set. Adam will be remanded on bail until the trial.
Read all about it at the news page of the Ant Liberation Front.
11/07/2002: Adam attended yesterdays hearing. A futher confirmation hearing will take place at July 26. The final date for the trial could be delayed until October.
Read all about it at the news page of the Ant Liberation Front.
04/07/2002: At the July 3rd hearing the trial date has been set at August 12. A futher hearing will take place at July 10, though.
You can read more details on the newspage.

Adam Ant at the hearing on Wednesday, Juli 3

04/07/2002: A new Adam and the Ants tribute band has started in Seattle, Washington called Ants Invasion. You can find there website here!.
13/06/2002: Adam Ant was mentioned in an article in this weeks Dutch gossip magazine Weekend. Read the article here.
23/05/2002: Adam Ant has denied charges of assault, causing criminal damage and possessing an imitation gun during a short hearing at the Old Bailey in London on 22/5. He has been remanded on bail until July 3. A trial date will be set at that date.
06/5/02: Adam Ant's courtcase has been delayed again and has now been sceduled for May 22.
22/3/02: Adam Ant has retired from playing the Here & Now tour in April. Go West will now be headlining.
Read all about it at the news page of the Ant Liberation Front.
06/3/02: Adam Ant's courtcase has been adjourned until May 1, and Adam is Remanded on Bail.
Adam was being supported by members of the Ant Liberation Front and other Antfans.
Adam being supported by Antfans, read the whole article from the Sun
read the full story at: the news page of the Ant Liberation Front..
14/2/02: From a message by Seedy at the Ant Liberation Front forum, after Madam Stan called him and asked him to post the message:
Hot news just in from the Ant hearing. Adam appeared at the court looking nervous (possibly due to not having his hat on), but was cheered by the presence of the contingent from the Ant Liberation Front (Stan and Ranger).

He has been bailed to appear at the Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey) on Wednesday 6th March.

Stan was interviewed for both London Tonight and Liquid News - so set your videos for tonight !!

I'm sure we all wish Adam well at this difficult time.

Now read all about it at: the news page of the Ant Liberation Front..

12/2/02: Adam Ant has been released from hospital, read all about it at the Ant News Now page of the Ant Liberationfront.
12/2/02: Adam's court case has been postponed untill February 14, 2002.
19/1/02: Read the statement to Antpeople Adam gave to the Ant Liberation Front
14/1/02: On January 14 Adam has been admitted into hospital. You can read an official statement from Ant 2000 about it here.
14/1/02: Adam Ant was arrested on Saturday January 12, 2002, and has been charged with assault and possession of a (fake) fire arm. You can read more about it here.
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