Comic about Adam Ant featuring NedermieR

I have started to create some comics using existing photo's. Untill now I have 3 episodes, but I will try to make some new ones now and then.

Episode 1: Line Dancing.
Episode 2: Koala.
Episode 3: :Prince charming.

Famous Antfams created by Antlibmembers.

The following pictures have been created by visiters of the Antlib forum. I hope you guys don't mind me using these pictures! You can see them in full by clicking the images.

Ronald Reagan by NedermieR Margeret Thatcher by NedermieR Cindy Lauper by NedermieR Antpark1 by Superant Kylie Charming by Icehouse Beavus and Butthead by Superant Stan from Southpark by Superant Stimpy by Steve Strange Simon le Ant by Superant Tony Blair by Superant Kylie Ant by Icehouse Playboy cover by Icehouse George Bush by Icehouse